Clemson Tigers
USC Gamecocks

Rivalry History

The rivalry between these two colleges actually began well before the two ever competed in sports. In fact, it was an argument in the 1880s about whether to expand the University of South Carolina’s agriculture department that started it all.

Of course, when it comes to sports, the tensions regarding competition are no less historic. The two campuses are 132 miles apart, and this in-state rivalry is one of just a few rivalries where the teams are in different premier conferences.


It doesn’t matter what sport in which the two schools compete throughout the year. There is no love lost on the field, court, course or diamond. This season is shaping up to be the same with both schools having recent success. Here are some facts:

  • The first football game was held Nov. 12, 1896. It was won by South Carolina, 12-6
  • The rivalry is the longest uninterrupted series in the South
  • It’s the second longest uninterrupted NCAA DI-A/FBS in the country
The stats:
  • Football: Clemson leads 68-42-4
  • Baseball: Clemson leads 176-137-2
  • Men’s Basketball: South Carolina leads 90-77
  • Women’s Basketball: Clemson leads 33-29
  • Men’s Soccer: Clemson leads 27-17-1
  • Women’s Soccer: Clemson leads 13-9-1
  • Men’s Tennis: South Carolina leads 65-42-2
  • Women’s Tennis: Clemson leads 27-25
  • Volleyball: South Carolina leads 38-24